Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a faucet?

  • A Faucet is a website/app that gives you free cryptocurrency for clicking a button.


2. How can you give free Electroneum to your users?

  • We get paid by Advertisement Networks for displaying ads to you, we share a great amount with our users!


3. Where do you get your Electroneum?

  • We mostly mine it, but we also buy some big amounts from an exchange when it is at low price.


4. What is the minimum withdraw amount?

  • The minimum withdraw amount is 50 ETN at this time.


5. Why are withdrawal manual?

  • It is manual at the moment for 2 reasons,
  • 1) Electroneum has no api for sending / receiving transaction but they are working on a solution.
  • 2) We are a newer faucet and we verify user’s account before sending ETN coins, we want to make sure users are not using bots/scripts.

6. Is there any fees for withdrawing?

  • At the moment we do not charge for any withdrawals, this could change at any time!

7. How long do I have to wait for withdrawals?

  • As of now there is no such API for automatic payments. Payments are made manually and could take up to 48 hours before processing, we will send an email when payment is made.

8. I registered but can’t login?

  • Contact Us and explain your situation.


9. Are you guys really the first Electroneum Faucet?

  • Yes we are the first Electroneum Faucet on the web! We heard rumors of an android app out there but users reported it did not work.


10. Is there a referral program?

  • Yes we do have a referral program, you get 20% of every claim your referral makes!


11. Will there be more fun features on the site?

  • Yes we are working hard on adding features that users will love and keep coming for!


12. Am I allowed to have 2 accounts?

  • No, creating two accounts (same ip or same user different ip) is forbidden, immediate ban with no warnings!


13. Abusing offerwalls or faucet?


  • Fraudulent or bots/scripts users are not allow, immediate ban with no warnings!


14. Can I use a VPN or a PROXY on this website?

  • No. We do not allow any VPN or PROXY on the website at any time, and it will result in a suspension of your account, meaning you will not be able to access website until you contact support.


15. Why is Electroneum Faucet so strict about VPN or PROXY?

  • It is not just us, every Advertising Networks, every URL Shortener, every Offerwalls will have some sort of detection also for VPN or PROXY and might suspend you right away or warn you then suspend you or simply not say for 1 month and never pay you because you were using VPN or PROXY!