Daddys Girl a roleplay for adults

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Daddys Girl a roleplay for adults

A roleplay for consenting adults:

He really wasn’t her father ’ he was her stepfather of sorts ’ and when her mother left ’ it just seemed natural for him to keep her. There was really no where else for her to go. She was now a young adult with her fair share of problems. She attended community /college/">college where she was perpetually in trouble.

It was definitely a strain growing up with an unruly girl who really wasn’t yours ’ and the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree ’ she was a slut like her mother ’ an out of control girl who was destined to end up in trouble.

He was furious when she came home ’ as soon as she walked thru the door he called her into the living room. ’Did you get into trouble today?’ No answer ’ but she looked down at the floor which was usually an acknowledgement that yes she did indeed. ’Why don’t you tell me what’s going on’ he demanded. ’I misbehaved ’ I got into trouble ’ that’s it’ she responded. ’Ok ’ so I guess under the circumstances you would prefer not to tell me that you were caught with a boy ’ who had his hands in your pants? Go to your room ’ Ill be up shortly’
At least she had the decency to blush as she left the room. She sat in her room knowing that the punishment would be severe.

He entered the room and demanded that she get on her knees on the bed. She knew better than to fight or rebel. She knelt on all fours on the bed ’ he tied her wrists above her head ’ pushed her head down ’ pulled her short skirt up over her ass ’ panties down around her thighs ’ and decided that he would leave her to contemplate her punishment before proceeding. He left her in this position ’ taking one glance back as he left the room ’ seeing her tied on the bed ’ with her delicious ass in the air gave him the greatest pleasure and anticipation of things to come’’’’..

When he returned much later ’ she was, as he expected emotionally weak ’ waiting and anticipating the punishment was almost the worst part. She heard him moving around behind and against her better judgement glanced back ’ she was shocked to see him set up a /camera/video-camera/">video camera.

He approached her ’ rubbing his hand across her ass before smacking her very very hard ’ four times in quick succession ’ twice on each cheek. She cried out in pain ’ not realizing that this was the very thing that gave him pleasure. He stood back admiring his handiwork ’ her ass bright red with his handprints emblazoned on her cheeks. ’Daddy no’ she cried out. Again he rubbed her ass’’’..before spanking her his hand grazing her pussy as he delivered another blow.

She was sobbing by the time he finished. He ran his fingers down her slit ’ feeling how wet it was. He then leaned over behind her ’ pushing her hair back from her ear ’ ’I think that perhaps you like this despite the tears’ he whispered in her ear. He pushed his blowjob porn videos fingers, wet from her pussy, into her mouth. ’A little wet are we’’’’.’

Again ’ he reached down - running his fingers up and down her slit ’ feeling her clit which was now protruding between her lips’’..he pinched it between his fingers ’ she groaned half in pleasure and half in pain ’ pulling against the ropes. She had no idea that watching her struggle and fight it gave him the motivation to continue. He continued to pinch it harder ’you like daddy touching you baby’ he whispered in her ear. ’don’t you think if you are going to let random boys touch you that daddy should definitely be able to?’ She nodded ’ knowing that disagreeing would cause him to punish her even more. He pushed two fingers inside her wet tight little hole. He positioned himself carefully to ensure that the video camera caught the full view of her ass in the air, skirt up and panties around her thighs while he slid his fingers in and out of her. He would be watching this video later ’ perhaps even sharing it with others on the internet.

He moved around in front of her ’ pulling her head up ’ grabbing her pigtails and forcing his dick into milf porn videos her mouth. She looked shocked as his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock slid in and out. She tried to pull back but he grabbed her hair pushing harder ’that’s it baby ’ suck daddy ’ make daddy very very hard’. She began to choke as he fucked her mouth harder ’ but instead of pulling back ’ he pushed harder ’that’s it baby’’’’’ she began to gag ’ tears running down her face. He loved that even tho he was in front of her ’ her ass and /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy were reflected in the mirror at the end of the bed’’’..He could see her /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt glistening.

’So do you think you need more spankings? Or perhaps some more mouth fucking?’ he asked. She shook her head no’’’’..tear stained face and eyes pleading with him to stop. ’you know’ he said ’ there is just so much more we can do ’ so you continue being naughty and Ill continue finding ways to punish you ’ this is just the start’. ’the only thing now is that this’’’’’.’ He grabbed his rock /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick ’needs attention’.

He moved behind her and started sliding his /dick/huge-dick/">huge dick inside her tight hole’’’’.again - she pulled against the ropes and tried to fight it ’ watching her fight and struggle turned him on more than ever. He began to fuck her harder ’ fingers digging into her ass and hips as he grabbed her pulling her back on him. She began to push back on him. ’that’s it baby ’ fuck daddy ’ make daddy cum’. He slapped her /ass/ass-hard/">ass hard ’ ’come on baby fuck my dick ’ don’t stop’.
She bounced her ass up and down ’ her pussy riding him ’ with a huge groan he shot his load into her ’’continuing to pound her hard ’ pulling her hair before finally collapsing on her.

One more humiliation before he let her go shower ’ he parted her pussy lips with his fingers ’ zooming in with the video camera ’ taking a final shot of his cum dripping out of her red swollen pussy. He slipped all of his fingers into her easily at this point.
As he untied the ropes he told her ’ this is just the start baby ’ now go shower and do your homework.