Undercover stories part two

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Undercover stories part two
My names Allison Wagner, well, its not really, in fact Ive used many names in my career as and agent and courier for the CIA!!! This is the second part of my story on how I recovered the plans for an advanced missile guidance system from the safe of a renegade industrialist named Hans Strecker, before he could sell them to the East Germans!!! I flew to Warsaw and made contact with my control agent, Peter Olinsky, who briefed me on our plan of attack, which turned out to be that I find and meet Strecker in an underground /club/sex-club/">sex club in the industrial section of Warsaw!!! I contacted the subject in the club, but unfortunately for me, I was forced to submit to one of Streckers brutal whippings with a cat o nine tails that left battered and injured!!! Our story picks up with Strecker helping me get dressed and offering to drive me back to my hotel!!!

"Get in," Hans Strecker said firmly as his limousine slid quietly to curb!!! I was in such pain that my better judgment was momentarily blinded, and without so much as a peep of protest, I found myself alone in the back of the limo with the evil Strecker!!! He casually lit up a foul smelling cigar, and as if to emphasize his superiority, he blew a stream of smoke into my face before pulling me roughly to him and bending me over his knee!!! "I-I want to go to my hotel," I stammered, fearful that he would start beating my already burning bottom!!! "I want to go to my hotel," he mimicked in babyish voice before pulling up my dress and coming down hard on my bottom with his hand, "you /american/">americans are all alike, soft and weak, for the life of me I cant figure out how we lost the war!!!" The pain from his spanking was instantaneous and so severe that I nearly passed out amidst the agony, but just before my mind turned to blackness, my pussy was forced open by insistent fingers and seconds later an incredibly /dildo/huge-dildo/">huge dildo was slammed into my helpless vagina!!! The melding of pain and pleasure drove me deliriously back and forth between agony to /ecstasy/">ecstasy, until my pussy convulsed in a series of the most crushing orgasms I had ever experienced!!! Tears ran down my cheeks as the limo sped through the back streets of Warsaw until we pulled into a private drive that led to Hans Streckers mansion!!!

As the limo pulled under a canopy next to the big house, several servants appeared out of nowhere and pulled me on wobbly legs into a large dark foyer, where Strecker, who was right behind me, ordered in a stern level voice, "Take her to the dungeon and prepare her!!!" As my legs were barely functional, the two goons half dragged me down a narrow stairway to the basement to what turned out to be a chamber of horrors!!! There were five or six other /women/">women shackled or tied to various medieval torture devices that if used improperly would have resulted in a painful if not quick death!!! Several of the women were passed out either from pain or lack of sleep, but several others were moaning softly as the leather bindings cut deeply into their soft pliable flesh!!! As I was dragged past them, one or two of them begged me to help them, but with in a matter of moments, I joined them in their agony when I was strapped spread eagle on a long table with my ankles and wrists pulled tightly in all four directions!!! My ass still burned from the abuse it had taken earlier in the evening, but that would turn out to be childs play compared to what Herr Strecker had in store for me next!!!

I closed my eyes and wondered for the life of me how I ever let myself get talked into this assignment, and just as I was about to drift off to sleep, a feather tickled my nipple causing me to snap wide awake immediately!!! "So tell me, Fraulein Wagner," Strecker asked softly, "exactly how did you expect to steal the blue prints from my safe, did you think me so stupid to allow a mere woman to trick me into giving you such an opportunity!?!" My blood ran cold as ice when I realized my cover had been blown, but I still managed to stammer, "I-I dont know what youre talking about Herr Strecker, now please, untie me and let me return to my hotel!!!" An evil chuckle rumbled in his throat, and while he softly ran alain lyle porn the feather up and down the length of my body, when all at once, with his other hand he pulled a large handle which activated a gear causing my bindings to pull my arms and legs almost out of their sockets!!! "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," I moaned loudly, "n-no more, please, let me go!!!" Of course, Fraulein Wagner," he said softly while using the feather on my gaping pussy, "as soon as you tell me what I want to know, you may leave any time you wish!!!" Another pull on the handle sent shooting pain rifling through ever joint in my body, but before I could scream, the evil Nazi pig rammed a huge dildo into my pussy which resulted in my having still another series of brutally draining orgasms!!! "Do you know what I like about American women," he asked softly, "its that you have such wonderfully responsive vaginas, I call them the Ferraris of pussies!!!"

With my whole body now covered in a thin layer of sweat, Strecker picked up a burning candle, and with no remorse at all, turned the taper on its side and let a stream of burning wax pour onto my hot damp nipple!!! It was as if someone had touched me with and electric wire, and while my body instinctively tried to lurch, it was caught up indian santali xvideo in the vice like grip of the rack, and therefore was held firmly I place for more torture!!! "Oh, god," I begged, "n-no more, please, no more!!!" "Of course not Fraulein," he said soothingly, "just tell me what I wish to know!!!" I was growing delirious from the pain, and as I blithered on about not knowing a thing about what he was asking, my whole being was jolted as a river of hot wax dribbled onto my clit and down the open crack of my pussy!!! Imagine just for a moment the last time you burned your lip on hot cheese, and then try and imagine that same burn in a much more sensitive location, and then youll realize the intense pain that stabbed at my vagina!!! Drool was now running down my cheeks as sensory overload seemed to have taken over my helpless body, with the pain becoming so intense, that it was now impossible for it to register in my mind!!!

Strecker now in a fit of rage, jumped up and went from machine to machine, inflicting even more pain on his other victims, while at the same time ramming large thick dildos into each of their pussies, inducing orgasms out each and every one them!!! With fire now blazing in his eyes, he tore of his trousers, mounted me, and with a viciousness that seemed palpable, drove his spike into me as if he was attempting to fuck me to death!!! "Tell me what you know," he panted between strokes, "tell me or I will surely have to kill you!!!" The irony of the situation was not lost on me, as the fury in my pussy ignored the intense hatred that I felt for this human piece of garbage and it erupted in a wave of orgasms that under normal circumstances would have been wonderfully satisfying, but in this case left me feeling hollow and alone!!! The room was now resonating with the sound of women climaxing as their bodies were being literally stretched to the limit, and while I was about resigned to the fact that this would indeed be my last day on the face of the earth, a gun shot rang out and Hans Strecker slumped over dead on my stricken form!!! The next sound I heard was the voice of Peter Olinsky who asked, "Allison, are you all right!?!"

The room quickly filled with a dozen officers of the Warsaw police department, who with shocked and stunned looks on their faces carefully freed the other women captives while Peter used his knife to cut my shackles!!! I was in a state of deep shock but still managed to ask, "H-how did you know.............." "We had you covered in the Inferno Club," Peter related, "when we saw you getting into Streckers limo it didnt look like you were going on your own, so we followed you to his mansion, and sure enough, they had to drag you from the limo, so presto, kidnapping, and even in Warsaw thats a capital crime!!!" As one of the officers wrapped a sheet around me, Peter continued on, "Then it was just a matter of convincing the cops that you really were in danger, and voila, here we are!!!" "W-what about the blue prints, did you get them," I asked!?! "Theyre already on a plane to Washington," he replied with a big grin on his face, "now lets get the heck outta this place, it gives me the creeps!!!" Then with half a laugh I replied, "It gives me more than that!!!"