Two guys a girl and one hell of a night

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Two guys a girl and one hell of a night

My husband Leigh and I had just moved into a new house in a quite town along the coast. We had wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while now and were ecstatic when our broker called to tell us our bid had been succusful. We moved in shortly after and were in the process of renovating our new dream home. At around this time, my husband gets a call from his old high school buddy Rick who told us he would be down our way next week and asked if he could stay with us.

In return for our hospitality, he would help us with any plumbing needs for the renovation as this is what he had been doing since he and Leigh had left school. Leigh was in construction, so i was very excited about the amount of work we could achive on the house over this one week. I also jumped at the opportunity to see Rick as i had always had a crush on him. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband, but Rick always fascinated me. My husband is 6 ft 3, with a body of a greek god and all my friends comment on how good looking he is. The only problem our 10 year marriage has is a lacklustre sex life. Don't get me wrong, we make love all the time and up until recently, it was fantastic. I don't know whether it is just routine setting in after ten years but lately our bedroom activities have lacked spark and i rarely climax anymore.

Rick arrived on Friday afternoon while i was still at work. Leigh had taken the day off work so he could meet him at the train station. Over the past couple of weeks i have been thinking of Rick non-stop and even dusted off an old VHS tape of a /party/">party we all attended to catch a glimps of the man who had regulary made apperances in my sexual fantasies. He was 6ft 6 with a strong muscular build. He had a shock of /blonde/thick-blonde/">thick blonde hair and always seemed to be tanned year round. His biceps were huge and had long legs and huge /feet/sexy-feet/">sexy feet. All day at work i couldn't stop thinking about him, hoping he had stayed the same after all these years both in looks and personality. I made excuses to leave work early so i could rush home to spend as much time as possible with him. When i walked inside, my heart skipped a beat as he stood up to greet me. He had not changed a bit and was as handsome as i remembered him from all those years ago. We went out for dinner to catch up on old times but arrived home early as Leigh had to work the next day.

The next morning, as Leigh was getting ready for work, i followed him into the bathroom and joined him in the shower. I was so turned on by seeing Rick again, my sexual appetite was stronger than ever and i wanted to make love to Leigh more than i ever had before. Leigh, was quite suprised but receptive nonetheless and eagerly grabbed my breasts as i washed his torso. He slid two fingers into my vagina with his spare hand working up a furious pace as i moaned with excitement. After i came all over his fingers, i dropped to my knees and slid his cock into my hungry mouth. I was able to take all 7 inches in my mouth the water pounding on my breasts. Just as he was about to come, he grabbed my arms and lifted me up so i was facing him, his swelling cock pressed hard against my stomach. He reached down and gently slid his dick into my acing pussy, slowly at first and then faster and faster and faster.....until i came for a second time with him deep inside me. He kissed my ear lobe as he moaned 'I'm coming'. With that, his cock gushed his spunk inside my /wet/pussy-wet/very-wet-pussy/">very wet pussy filling me with a massive load of his love juice. When he withdrew his sperm was running down my leg, quickly washed away by the warm water. He left the shower and towelled off, dressing for work. As he kissed me goodbye i closed my eyes imagining that it was Rick who had just brought me to orgasm twice. He left and i dressed and made my way to the lounge to see if Rick was awake.

When i walked into the lounge, the couch where he was to sleep had been made up and i found him in the kitchen working on our sink. He was lying on his back with his head emerged in the cupboard under the sink. He didn't hear me come in so i took the opportunity to stare at this beautiful man that i had fantasised about countless times. He wasn't wearing a shirt and had on a tight pair of plumbers works shorts. I could see a buldge in his pants and instantly became aroused thinking about what i would do to him. I started to touch myself gently stroking my clit as i watched his big arms flex every time he tightned a bolt. His legs were hairy and he was working up quite a sweat from working inside a partly renovated house with no air-con on a 38 degree day. The sweat beads were dripping down his arms, over his tight abs and down his muscular manly hairy legs.

This was almost too much to take and i let out a slight yelp of excitment as i massaged my pussy. He heard me and jumped up to see what was wrong. I thought on my feet and said, 'Damn cabinet, i just stubbed my toe. He laughed and got up from underneath the sink. We sat down and started chatting at the kitchen table about old times. I offered to make him a cool drink, but he told me he had to go out for some parts and asked if i would be here when he got back. I started to clean up and did some washing. I saw some clothes Rick had left on the floor and scooped them up on my way to the laundry. As i was filling the machine, i saw his boxer shorts in the pile. I couldn't help myself and i picked them up to smell them. His scent was so good i couldn't stop sniffing them. I tried them on excited that my now /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy would be where his /cock/big-cock/">big cock had been only this morning. I started to rub myself again and before i knew it was on the floor in a state of ecstacy. As i let out a muffled scream, who should appear at the laundry door but my husband Leigh home from work much earlier than expected. I was so embarrased i just wanted to die. But to my suprise, instead of becoming angry or upset, he simply said, 'I knew it. I knew you always wanted to fuck him.'

I protested at first, but it was futile. He was right, clearly evidenced by me mastubating in a pair of my husbands best friends underwear. The evidence was stacked against me. Still mortified that i had been caught in the act, i quickly made my way to the bedroom, Leigh following me laughing. 'It's Ok. He said. 'He's a good looking guy, every girl at college wanted to sleep with him. I honestly don't mind'. We had a great talk and discussed our problems in the bedroom. I honestly cant remember whos idea it actually was, but at some point in the conversation, the idea of inviting Rick to join our love making had come up. I naturally jumped at the chance, and Leigh was quite turned on by the idea as well. I could see a huge boner in his workshorts at the mention of the idea. We agreed we would suprise him, when he returned to the house, so i undressed and lay on the bed and waited for my ultimate fantasty to come true. Leigh stripped off his shirt and blindfolded me with it, tying my hands to the bedhead with a spare sheet. I waited there for what seemed like an eternity, until i finally heard voices in the lounge.

I couldn't hear their entire conversation, but the parts i did hear almost sent me over the edge with sexual anticipation. 'Don't worry mate, she wants you to fuck her and has for a long time. 'I just don't feel right about it, but i have to say the idea of fucking my /wife/friends-wife/best-friends-wife/">best friends wife does turn me on.' With that, the door to our bedroom swung open and i could feel their presence in the room. 'You're going to leave the blindfold on, that way you won't know which one of us is making you cum' said my husband. At that moment i felt a finger slide into my pussy and felt a flacid cock touching my face. I opened my legs wider and demanded one of them fuck me and /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard. A now semi /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock slid into my mouth, a pair of balls resting on my chin. I let out a moan as one of them entered me, his cock deep inside me. 'Damn it', i thought, 'He's right, i have no idea who is fucking me and it is driving me wild.' The 'mystery' man was now working up quite a rythm, sliding his cock in and out of my pussy faster and harder each time, his cock head the only thing that remained inside of me each time. My mouth was full of saliva as 'Mystery' man 2 was now face fucking me so hard i could barely brethe. I flung my head back to signal i could take no more, when both men pulled out of me at the same time and switched places. This time, their cover was blown, as soon as i felt his cock struggle to enter my pussy, i knew instantly that Rick was now about to fuck me. I took Leighs cock in my mouth which confirmed i had guessed their 'identies'. Leighs cock has a very large head, so large in fact it makes the rest of his penis look small by comparison. I guess, i had just become accostomed to him in my pussy, but sucking on it was unmistakebale. Not to mention the fact that the man now fucking me was barley able to get inside me, he was so big. I heard him spit on his hands and felt the cool sensation of saliva running down my inner thigh as he lubed himself up enough to enter me. It hurt at first, and i tried very hard to conceal it, for fear of hurting Leighs feelings. But when Rick started to pound me harder and harder, i could not hold back and screamed with delight.

He was very experienced as he seemed to be able to control when he hit my clit. Unlike Leigh who, god bless him, just bangs away until HIS ready to cum. Leigh was getting very turned on by my excitment and could not hold back any longer, with out warning i felt his cock quickly pulsate and before i knew it my mouth was full of spunk. I swallowed what i could, with the remainder dripping down my chin. Just at that point i could feel myself about to cum, as i screamed 'I'm coming', i let out an almighty gush and reached down to feel Rick's big cock covered in my juices. Watching my husband /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth and me coming on him, was too much for Rick, as he withdrew his dick and shot his load all over my stomach. It seemed to go on forever, at one point, i could feel cum landing on my tits and on my face. It ran down my body and the feeling was unbelivable. I felt my blind fold being taken off and looked over to see my husband lying on one side of the bed, with Rick lying behind me. 'Any guesses', Rick enquired. 'Why don't i just keep that to myself', i replied.

We caught our collective breath and lay there staring into each others eyes. We were so amazed by what just happened that noone spoke for several minutes. After a while, i felt Rick's big hands sliding down my inner thigh, working his way up and down eventually stopping on /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy. Leigh had joined in as well and was rubbing my tits with one hand and rubbing his mates back with the other. This was too much for me to bear. I had always wanted to make love to these two men, and not only had we done that, we were about to go down an entirely different path. I watched Rick's face wince as Leigh grabbed his cock and started stroking it. I had always fantasised about my husband fucking another man, but like most red blooded men, Leigh was repulsed by the idea. I knew that if he felt comfortable with the person, he may change his mind, but i knew it was a long shot.

I always joked that ' a hole is a hole'. Well.....my dreams were coming true tonight and i could not contain my excitement. Rick was by now, getting more and more into proceedings and had returned the favour to my husband, stroking Leighs cock at a rapid pace. Leigh's eyes rolled wwwxxx back in his head as his /friend/best-friend/">best friend was pumping away on his cock. I lay back on the bed fingering my pussy watching my real life porno fantasy take place before my very eyes. Rick hunched up on his knees and bucked his back in the air. 'Fuck me Leigh' I want you to fuck me so your beautiful wife can watch.' 'Are you sure Rick', came the thoughful reply from my beautiful husband. 'Yes mate. But be gentle ok?' They were so /cute/">cute and needless to say by this stage i was about as wet as i had ever been. Leigh squirted some lube on his erect cock and smeared some on Rick's asshole.

Before Leigh began fucking Rick, Rick put his head in my lap, staring into my eyes as my husband gently squeezed his cock inside his cute arse. Without taking his eyes off mine, he let out a grunt as his face contorted indicating the pain of someone being fucked for the very /first-time/">first time. 'Its ok, he'll be gentle, i promise'. I whispered. As Rick was being banged my Leigh, he started to lap at my clit with his tongue, sliding 2 fingers deep into my pussy as he licked all over my wet pussy. I swung my head back in pleasure but quickly looked down again as I didn't want to stop watching my /husband/husband-fuck/">husband fuck another man. My husbands cock was sliding in and out of Ricks tight arsehole making a squelchy sound from all the excess lube. I could hear his balls banging on the back of Rick's hairy legs. Leigh reached around Rick and started playing with his low-hanging balls and big cock.

As Rick was eating me out, the vibrations on my pussy from his moaning was sending me to heaven. I quickly came again, this time, more than i had ever before. Rick's mouth was covered in my pussy juices, as i gyrated back and forth from the pleasure. This clearly turned on Rick as he motioned for Leigh to wank him faster. He lent back, my husband still deep deep inside him, as he came all over my husbands hand and onto our sheets. He roared in pleasure as his cock spewed his spunk, spurt after spurt after spurt. It flew off in all directions some landing on my stomach, on his, and even amazingly on Leighs inner thigh. Rick collapsed on top of me as Leigh whispered in his ear, can i com inside you. Rick seemed appalled at this idea, protesting loudly. 'Only joking mate', as Leigh withdrew his dong from his best friends arse.

I watched in amazement as Leigh's sperm gushed out of his cock and on to Rick's back. My eyes wide with disbelief as Rick's back quickly became covered with Leigh's spunk. It ran down his back and onto his ass as Leigh collapsed onto Rick exhausted. Again we lay there panting covered in each others juices, saying nothing but staring at each other in wonderment. That was THE best day of my life, and i'm very happy to say, not an isolated event. It just so happens that Rick's company posted him to our town and the wwwxxx we quickly offered him our spare room. Now my ultimate fantasties are fulfilled on a nightly basis.