The neighbour11

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The neighbour11

I came home one afternoon a bit early from work. I had been working hard catching up on some paper work and i decided to take it home. I pulled up on the drive way and with my paper work under my arm i walked in the front door. When i got in i saw my wife sitting on the sofa chatting to our next door neighbour Roy who was sitting on the arm chair just across the room.

My wife's name is Sally and she is 41 and is quite attractive and always gets alot of admiring looks whenever we go out. Sally is with shoulder length hair and has a nice curvy figure with 36c size tits. She also has a nice tan and the only part which is not covered is her tits and arse which have the shape of her bikini on them. I could tell when i entered the room that i had interupted something which they were talking about. I could also see that Roy was a little bit disapointed that i had just walked in. Sally greeted me and i said that i had just popped in to collect my diary because i had to meet a client.

I made a point of saying that i would be gone until the evening. Sally was wearing was her white fluffy dressing gown and had looked like she had just taken a shower when Roy must have knocked on the door. It was'nt unusual for Roy to pop round for a chat but this time i suspected that they were chatting about something to do with sex by the way Roy went quiet. My wife had always admited to me that she had a bit of a soft spot for Roy but i never expected anything to come of it. I collected my diary and Sally stood up and kissed me goodbye.

I went out of the room and i opened the door and instead of going out i slammed the door shut again and crept through to the dinning room. In the dinning room there was a door with small glass windows in it which i could see through. I knelt down by the door and peered through. Sally was still chatting to Roy and i thought maybe i was wrong and that it was all innocent until i heard Roy say that he real forced anal against her will liked Sallys body. I could'nt beleive what i was hearing it excited me and i got hard instantly. Sally stood up and Roy went over to her and reached to her fluffy belt on her dressing gown. With a gentle tug he pulled the belt off and her dressing gown opened up. He then put his arms to her shoulders and slipped of her gown.

The gown fell to the floor and Sally stood there totally naked. Roy was the same age as me 47 and he was quite fit as he played alot of squash, and seeing him with Sally made me feel so horny. Sally then moved towards him and kissed him, he then put his hands on her white breasts and began rubbing them hard. They were kissing with passion like they were lovers and this made me feel jelouse but it also turned me on. My heart was pounding and i tried to hold my breath so i wouldnt get noticed. Sally then got xnxxv sunny leone video down onto her knees and started to undo Roys jeans.

When she pulled his cock out she put her mouth round it and sucked it fast. He grabbed her head and thrusted his cock in and out as she wanked and sucked him. Roy then pushed Sally onto the armchair and she put her legs in the air. I had never heard Sally talk the way she did, she kept on telling him to eat her. He knelt down and i couldnt make out what was happening but he was obviously licking her cunt out. Sally was letting out little delightful sighs as Roy continued to give her oral pleasure.

At this point i had started to wank myself through my trousers and was having difficulty trying not to come. It seemed to last forever wathching Roy tounge , and then he stood up and Sally began sucking him again. Then she went over to the sofa and layed down on it and i could see her pussy. Roy walked over to her and was wanking himself off and he asked her if she wanted a real man in her. She told him to fuck her and he pulled of his jeans and got on top of her. I could see his white arse pumping my beutiful wife and her tanned legs were wrapped aroung him. Sally was screaming and panting as Roy pumped her as fast as he could. At this point i had my cock out and was wanking furiously.

All of a sudden his arse tensioned and he shot his spunk up her just as Sally started to reach orgasm. That was it for me and i shot my load. My heart was pounding as my spunk landed on the carpet. They both sat up and was talking and Sally asked him to fuck her up the arse next time. She then went upstairs and Roy put on his jeans. When she came down she had put on some blue shorts and a white top. She had no bra on and she said something to Roy. They went towards the door and Sally said something about him shagging her arse. Then they went out the door. I ran to the window and saw them both go to his house next door. I waited around until the evening when she came home.

I asked her where she had been and she said that she had just popped to Roys for a chat. I jokingly said i bet you went round there for sex and she smiled and said yeah thinking that i thought she was kidding because i knew she had a bit of a crush on him. Anyway when we went to bed i asked her what she and Roy did together and she said she had fucked him all afternoon when i had left. She thought i knew she was joking but i knew what really happened and i fucked her. She told me she then went to his house and he fucked her in the arse and came up it.

 I was so turned on by this i said she could fuck him for real if she wanted to. So after a while she agreed to invite him around for dinner one evening with me there and that she would then fuck us both. She knew it turned me on but for some reason she wants to pretend it is only a but i know my wife is a who is fucking the neighbour behind my back and i love it.